🚨 THURSDAY @ 10PM🚨 “We Need To Talk”
When entering a relationship and most importantly contemplating marriage, there are key questions that should be answered. #JoinTheConversation as we explore tough topics every couple should discuss.
– Should your spouse have access to your social media and phone passwords?
– How much relationship/marital business should be shared with friends and family?
– Can you still have friends of the opposite sex?
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Let’s Talk Tonight

Why is there so much contention between men and women these days? It seems that relationships have become a competition instead of a partnership. What are the causes and what will be the effects of these sad state of affairs? Come on Grown Folks, let’s rap a taste.

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Here is our radio show from this previous Thursday. We are talking about social media and the impact it has had on relationships. Some say there has been no impact others say social media ruins relationships. Listen in and yoy be the judge. You can comment on our youtube page or right here at http://www.gftradioshow.com