Taboo Topics: A Beginners Guide To Losing Friends


Can certain conversations cause you to lose friends? Join the conversation, as we consider how taboo topics, can cause you to re-examine friendships, ruin relationships, or even rob you of knowledge!

  • Can we really talk about Politics & Religion?
  • Why do people avoid discussing race relations?
  • Why are people avoiding challenging subject matter?
  • Can we be taught to have civilized conversations about hard topics?


Watch “Why Socrates Hated Democracy” on YouTube

Watch “Whose To Blame: The Politician or The Public?” on YouTube

One of our best shows in my(clint) opinion. Have a listen and join the conversation. Drop a comment.

Terrorism or Mental Illness

🚨THURSDAY @ 10PM🚨 Terrorism Or Mental Illness?
Terrorism and Mental Illness … are the two intertwined? Or does race play a factor? Are White people only considered mentally ill, when committing random acts of violence? Why are Blacks and Latinos considered thugs and murderers, and Arab and other nationalities considered terrorists?  Should all acts of mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping, be considered a form of terrorism?
Join the discussion and share your thoughts! Phone lines open up at 10:15pm (657) 383-1155. If you are on twitter, tweet us @gft_radio, using the hashtag #GFTRadio

Watch “Pres. Trump: First Week” on YouTube

Have a listen and let us know how do you feel 10mos later.

The Reaction: 2017 President

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