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Killing Me Softly: The Effects of Social Media on Self-Esteem

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Terrorism or Mental Illness?

Terrorism and Mental Illness … are the two intertwined? Or does race play a factor? Are White people only considered mentally ill, when committing random acts of violence? While Blacks and Latinos are considered thugs and murderers. And Arab and other nationalities considered terrorists? Or should all acts of mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping, be considered a form of terrorism?

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Exposed: Sex Tapes & More f/ Willie Stylez


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Watch “Current Events” on YouTube

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What’s Trending In Social Media


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Black Lives Matter

Sandra Bland: CNN Panel

R.I.P Sandra Bland
R.I.P Sandra Bland

Now I want you guys to check this video out and then follow this CNN Panel

Now this whole traffic stop went left (means wrong) quick. He pulled her over for failure to use a  signal on when changing lanes. Obviously annoyed with the whole thing like most folks are, she expressed that in the way she talked to the officer which isn’t a crime (unless you’re black). He then wanted her to put out her cigarette and of course she refused because smoking in your car isn’t a crime. So he forcefully removed her and locked her up.

She was later found dead hanging in a jail cell. They are trying to say she committed suicide… yeah okay?

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