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* Inappropriate photo between mother and son.

* Remy Ma Diss Nicki Minaji (Shether)

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Tonight @10pm we will be discussing the issue with the American Red Cross relief fund, or lack thereof for Haiti. When Haiti was hit with a devastating earthquake in 2010, the American Red Cross raised half a billion dollars in aid and built a grand total of six new homes. With Haiti being hit by Hurricane Matthew, raising the death tolls, demolishing cities, and dealing with spread of cholera the money to help is not there.

Haitian officials tell people to donate to local relief funds to ensure that Haitian communities receive the funds to help. But the question is where is this money to help the people of Haiti?

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If you want to help Haiti:

1. Gaskov Clerge Foundation

2. Foundation Aquin Solidarite

3. The Three Little Flowers Center

4. Paradis des Indiens

5. Project Saint Anne

6. Fonkoze

7. The Lanbi Fund of Haiti

8. Flying High for Haiti

9. Saint Boniface Foundation


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Trending Topics 07/21 by G-F-T Radio | Podcasting Podcasts

On this episode we are going to talk about the different things that stuck out to us these past few weeks in social media and the news. Please join us and share topics that stuck out to you these past few weeks. Call in (657) 383-1155. If you are on twitter hit us up and join the discussion by using the hashtag #GFTRadio or @gft_radio

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Why is the celebrity voice louder than our own?

Why do we listen to famous people who speak out against injustice instead of our own neighbor? Why do we seem to listen more when celebrities speak? Join us and discuss this like mature grown folks.

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Relationship Talk


Catch us Thursday @10pm on BlogTalkRadio, we will be talking about relationships. Answer these 3 questions:

1. What is a healthy relationship?
2. Is your partner fulfilling your relationship needs?
3. Are you dating with marriage in mind, or just dating?

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Afrika Bambatta Molestation Allegations

This show we are going to talk about the ongoing sexual abuse allegations involving Afrika Bambaata. It has since came out that he allegedly molesting under age boys. A former member of Zulu Nation Ronald Savage came out with his story  and 3 others followed suit.  Also a former bodyguard has spoke out as well.

Afrika Bambaataa speaks on…


Do you believe the allegations? Why or why not?

Would you pay someone off or take your chances in court and/court of public opinion?