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Mind Your Business…Just Accept The Cheating



Should people accept being cheated on? If we find out our mate/spouse has or is currently cheating on us, should we simply mind our business? Are they cheating because they don’t love us, or does the fact that they are cheating have nothing to do with how they feel about us? Would cheating breakup your relationship or marriage?

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GFT RADIO SHOW · Live Radio · opinions · Podcast · thoughts

Exposed: Sex Tapes & More

Join us as we discuss the leaking of sex tapes, nude pictures, celebrities and everyday folks.

  • What happens when it gets out on social media?
  • Would you post videos or pictures that expose you on social media?
  • How would you handle the backlash that comes with it?

All that and more. Phone lines open up at 10:15pm… also we will be tweeting live @gft_radio

Exposed: Sex Tapes & More on G-F-T Radio will air 01/19. #BlogTalkRadio

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No I’m not talking about that Kelly Rowland song…. well maybe. Anyways we are determined to get this thing off the ground! We are trying to get the conversation started on our FB page… but for whatever reason it isn’t working. So I pose this question to you guys:

What are some of the topics you want to talk about?

After all this radio show will need you guys to keep it pushing!

Drop a ling in the comment section and share your thoughts or ideas or how we can gage your attention and keep it!!