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Sandra Bland: CNN Panel

R.I.P Sandra Bland
R.I.P Sandra Bland

Now I want you guys to check this video out and then follow this CNN Panel

Now this whole traffic stop went left (means wrong) quick. He pulled her over for failure to use a  signal on when changing lanes. Obviously annoyed with the whole thing like most folks are, she expressed that in the way she talked to the officer which isn’t a crime (unless you’re black). He then wanted her to put out her cigarette and of course she refused because smoking in your car isn’t a crime. So he forcefully removed her and locked her up.

She was later found dead hanging in a jail cell. They are trying to say she committed suicide… yeah okay?

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  1. Wondering what happened to your blog. I clicked on this link, so here I am.

    Sandra Bland discussion. Definitely the hot topic. There are so many things that bothered me about the video, but unless it leads to change, it will continue to happen. Of course that fact bothers me more than anything. Discussion panels are good, but social change is preferred. Anyway, I concluded: the officer stopped Bland due to her out of state plates. The failure to signal was a front action. So of course Bland would be irritated, but the officer is the professional and should expect some sort of attitude. And trained/paid to de-escalate the situation as the woman in the video stated. I personally warn my oldest daughter/don’t advise anyone to display attitude with officers (cause I know from experience they can be dickheads who instead escalate traffic stops) although Bland wasn’t arrogant, at all. Bland’s paperwork was clean, though, so that’s that. So now what, Mr. Officer? Knowing the tension between his fake stop and her “talking back,” the officer probably expected she’d dismiss the cigarette request and that’s when he went into full-blown dickhead mode.

    I also want to add that there’s something wrong with Bland’s mugshot photo. Is she dead? Is she lying on the floor? Did they dress her in the orange jumpsuit before being booked? Why didn’t the jail release the initial mugshot? I don’t understand why the autopsy revealed no signs of violence nor struggle, but that woman had to be killed opposed to the suicide ruling.

    There’s a blatant lie here somewhere and I hope the family finds out the truth.

    1. You and I both. And yes I’m on to greener pastures…lol. Thanks for leaving a comment.

      It’s sad that we need to change our behaviour to suit others or it can cost us our lives. I mean when you see most people get pulled over they are frustrated or pissed off. You know we all wacth cops and some are worst then she was. You know?

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