Late Night Rant…Woe

So with the trendy slang going around.. Now I’m made aware of the term “Woe” which is a New Orleans terms to identify your friends.

I think I need to hear a New Orleans person say because I haven’t heard a grown person say it yet… I see a lot of men my age say it via FB… I have yet to hear them say it aloud… And I’m dying to hear it!

Even if I heard it I probably would give him the side eye… Idk… Share your thoughts.


Monday Morning Musing


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No I’m not talking about that Kelly Rowland song…. well maybe. Anyways we are determined to get this thing off the ground! We are trying to get the conversation started on our FB page… but for whatever reason it isn’t working. So I pose this question to you guys:

What are some of the topics you want to talk about?

After all this radio show will need you guys to keep it pushing!

Drop a ling in the comment section and share your thoughts or ideas or how we can gage your attention and keep it!!



Thank You



We just would like to thank those who have subscribe to this blog!! We are a work in progress and we can’t wait until things kick off. Everyday that you come to this blog, check for little updates as we do them. We have an “About” page and will be adding a Meet the faces behind GFT Radio, so you can get a glimpse of us and our personalities.

Below are the links to the FB Page and The Blog Talk Radio Page:

Facebook Link: GFT Radio Show

Blog Talk Radio: GFT Radio Show

We thank you for your patience. We are moving as fast at we can, but getting all of us together can be hard because we work different schedules.

Thank you again!!




Hey guy’s it’s your girl Sunny. Welcome to our new space! A couple of friends of mines and I decided to start a radio station. Right now, we are working on the radio station end, but we currently have our Facebook page up: G.F.T Radio Show. The talk radio show will be about any and every topic we can think of.

I hope you guys will be tuned it and don’t be shy join the discussions we have on our FB Page! And ones on here as well!!