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Blogger (Unreservedly Me) /Poet/Writer and Founder/Host of Grown Folks Talk Radio

Most of you guys may know me from the blogosphere, as the author of “Spoken Words & Thought”. I was first introduced to writing poetry in the 9th grade to deal with anger issues. And what do you know it helped! My sister got me into blogging and now I’ve set my aims for something more. So after blogging about my life for 6+ years I let that go to start a radio station! I love creative arts, so if you would like to share that with us, I’d be more than happy to do that. You can contact me on Twitter, Instagram or on my blog at Unreservedly Me!


Poet/Author of A King’s Truth & Co-host of Grown Folk Talk Radio.

Well, Hello There good people, my name is Smooth, and I’m a writer and poet. I have been writing poetry since I was in elementary school. I also run a blog site called,, where I post some of my poetry and give a platform for others to submit their poems. I also interview various musicians, artists, politicians and businessmen, as well. I’m also 1/2 of the podcast, “The Fans Perspective“, alongside my co-host, Dame! I love to promote positivity and creativity. I am here to share and to learn. Peace and Blessings. You can follow me on Twitter, or check out my blog at A King’s Truth!


Stylez is blogger, technologist, father, grandfather, businessman & Music lover! Also Co-Host of Grown Folks Talk Radio!

Always following the latest tech trends, Stylez has been a computer systems engineer, technology consultant and network administrator for over 25 years! Always proud of his ability to be well rounded, he’s worked in many other industries as well, such as a Photographer, Music Producer, Artist & Model Management, Film Producer and Video Editor. Always up for a challenge, but always looking to help those in need, Stylez is also active in community service work in and around Detroit and it’s Metropolitan area. You can find Stylez all over the internet, from his blogs at AskWillieStylez.comand, to Facebook, Twitter &Instagram using @WillieStylez; on SnapChat and TikTok, at Willie.Stylez, and even on his newest page, where you will find him playing the hottest games, and bringing The CARNAGE! You can always find his links on his profile page at!



Hola¡ I’m Dame! Proud Husband, Father, Son, Brother, and Gamer! To be a better person is hard work. It takes discipline and willpower. If it were easy, everyone could do it. I love to laugh and make others laugh. Comedy eases the pain this world dishes out. I’m not only the 4th member of GFT Radio Show, but I’m also 1/2 of the podcast, “The Fans Perspective“, alongside my co-host, Smooth! You can follow me at AGENTxSHINLO on Xbox LIVE, Shinlo on Facebook and Shinlo21 on Twitch.


Sup y’all dis HYMPE not hype dats H-Y-M-P-E. I’ve been podcasting since 2017, and dis was always what I wanted to do. Through my podcast I’ve been able to start my own company, How 2 Hustle Enterprise, with multiple businesses under one umbrella. I never look at this as work, because its what I love to do! You can follow Hympe @iamhympe on Twitter and on Instagram. #DisisHowUHustle #everythingisahustle #InternationalHympe #hitdabutton #ThePodcastDriveThru

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