Late Night Rant…Woe

So with the trendy slang going around.. Now I’m made aware of the term “Woe” which is a New Orleans terms to identify your friends.

I think I need to hear a New Orleans person say because I haven’t heard a grown person say it yet… I see a lot of men my age say it via FB… I have yet to hear them say it aloud… And I’m dying to hear it!

Even if I heard it I probably would give him the side eye… Idk… Share your thoughts.

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  1. I wouldnt pay it much attention. Its like every other trendy word or sound bite. The only reason i would say that you are alarmed by it is because you have already lived thru so many other slang words in your lifetime. From bro, bruh, my nigga, dog, dred, shotta, black man, negro, wigga, cuz, son, nizzle, soulja, blood, don/dun, dun dadda, thug and the list goes on. Educated guess on my part. Of where it has evolved from is when mid/late 90’s. another New Orleans based rapper made another slang term referring to friends or associates (Juvenile and Wodday) and like everything else nowadays have to be hyphenated and compressed was cut down to Woe. Drake has brought it to the national stage.

    So all that to say dont let it weigh on your mind. For it too shall pass!..

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