0 thoughts on “Guns!! Yes or No

  1. I own (for sport) and I believe everyone should know how to handle / operate a weapon. Handgun or shotgun for home defense.

    (To me) I do not see a need for high-powered or assault weapons unless for military use.

    1. Why should the military be the only group with assault weapons? What if the government wanted Martial Law? How do we protect ourselves if they’re the only ones with superior weapons? Your family would be sitting ducks right?

  2. I’m 100% self defense. A man has to be able to protect his family at all costs. Although we must keep in mind that the 2nd Amendment was not meant for black people. But we still have a right to bear arms. No guns should be off limits in my opinion.

  3. I don’t like guns. If you own one, I think you should be trained to use it. I know my son’s father said he feels safe with a gun around, I don’t I worry about my kids getting a hold of it. But to each it’s own, if one was in my house I would not want to have it anywhere near me.

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