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Malcolm X


Black History Month



Black History is American History!! Enjoy not only this month but every month by learning about different people of color that made or is currently making history!! Knowing your history…. can effect your future!! #LoveTheSkinYourIn #BlackHistory

Imagine by Black Ice

D.L. Hughley – Racially Charged Police Violence and “How Not to Get Shot”

Thursday at 10pm



🚨 THURSDAY @ 10PM EST 🚨 “Are White People Using The Police As A Weapon”

With the long standing tensions between some police and people of color, are White people using the police as a weapon against us? #JoinTheConversation as we discuss the various incident, where White people are calling the cops, when Black people are simply around!
– The impact on community perception of the police.

– Why are unarmed Black people, not treated the way armed White people are treated?

– Should Black people start calling the police, on White people just because they are around?

– Police v. People of Color

We know you don’t want to miss this one! Give us your opinion, by calling 657-383-1155, phone lines open at 10:15pm. You can also tweet us @gft_radio and let your voice be heard! See More


NFL Policy On Kneeling Protest