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Afrika Bambatta Molestation Allegations

This show we are going to talk about the ongoing sexual abuse allegations involving Afrika Bambaata. It has since came out that he allegedly molesting under age boys. A former member of Zulu Nation Ronald Savage came out with his story  and 3 others followed suit.  Also a former bodyguard has spoke out as well.


Afrika Bambaataa speaks on…



Do you believe the allegations? Why or why not?

Would you pay someone off or take your chances in court and/court of public opinion?

0 thoughts on “Afrika Bambatta Molestation Allegations

  1. Growing up always admired Afrika. He is a true pioneer in hip hop culture. I really hope these allegations aren’t true. But I must admit that lately it hasn’t been looking good for him.

    1. I didn’t really pay him that much attention all though I knew who he was. Maybe because I was a younger. Idk, but I know he was held at a hard regard by many. It’s sad that this has come to light, but as far as the law is concern I hope that Ronald Savage does change it.

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