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Can You Trust The One You Snatched


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We had a great discussion about raising children with foos allergies and/ raising children around others with food allergies. We talked about the pros and cons of child immunizations, and how it affects those who have them vs. those who dont believe in them. #jointheconversation #gftradioshow

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It Takes A Village, Until The Village Is The Problem

A mother is feeding her small child a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich in Walmart… Is she being a good mother, or an Evil Witch!? In today’s world of allergies, vaccines and condemnation for negative social interactions, are we considering other people’s children, while raising our own?

#JoinTheConversation as we discuss the ramifications other children may face, as we ask:

– Do you consider food allergies, when feeding your child that has no allergies?

– Is your failure to Vaccinate, affecting the health of other kids in the community?

– Are you promoting bullying and/or inappropriate behaviors?

Give us your opinion…

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On Parenting


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