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Political endorsements mean very little to me, but to some voters it may sway their vote. I am not saying endorsements are a bad thing at all. If a individual I highly respect suggests that a particular candidate would be better suited, I will take heed and listen to his reasoning. I would not change my vote because he endorsed a different candidate, I would change my vote if I agreed with his reasoning. It would be foolish to vote for a person just because someone popular or even a person one would call “influential” said so. There has to be a valid reason, and a valid reason isn’t, “i believe in him or her as a person”. I believe in my mom as a person, that doesn’t mean she should be mayor. Well hold up maybe…………………….

Any who below are some links that I found online about the subject…

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Whose To Blame: The Politician or The Public?


How important is voting?

If we want change within our cities and governments who’s to blame when things get worst? The politicians or the public? If you don’t vote, can you blame politicians for things you don’t agree with or want to change? Do you feel like your voice is being heard when it comes to elections or do you think it doesn’t matter if you vote or not?

We’d love to hear your thoughts and view on how important you think voting is, or if you think there is no need to vote.