Is your relationship based off of love or benefits?

Some of us only deal with people who put us in a better financial position instead of a better mental position. Which one are you?

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Today I would like to bring back to you a brother of action. Brother Divine Allah has been active in the community, and lately he has been teaching the children, “Health is Wealth”. Check out our recent Q&A below.

1.Peace Brother it’s been 3 and a half yrs since our previous interview and the first thing I want to know is will you be running for city council?

Salute My Brother / Peace, Respect & Revolutionary Greetings,

Well as long as I’m a North Ward resident that option will always be on the table. A lot of people still believe in and support me. I have some ideas to get the people involved so we can bring home a victory when it’s time to campaign.

2.Trenton seems to be at a crossroads. I see plenty of positive people doing their part to help improve our condition as a…

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The connections

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They’re all critical,

The mental, spiritual, and physical,

Lately I have been talking about the idea of you,

My mind is preparing me to prepare for you,

I have an unorthodox way of caring for you,

I want to delve into your most forbidden thoughts…caress your brain, embrace your pain and bring gains from whatever you lost…a beautiful suffering is what love cost….allow me to speak to all of your insecurities…you have been jaded by the world and all of its impurities…I know you are meant for me…you deserve the purest intent from me…Peace Queen….I want to lie down with your soul and watch your body quiver…experiencing an out-of-body experience watching your body slither…I admire your body of work…you are the only body of water that could quench my thirst…”We” are a blessing that will not allow doubt to be our curse..”Our” every last shall be our very first and…

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