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Mind Your Business…Just Accept The Cheating


Should people accept being cheated on? If we find out our mate/spouse has or is currently cheating on us, should we simply mind our business? Are they cheating because they don’t love us, or does the fact that they are cheating have nothing to do with how they feel about us? Would cheating breakup your relationship or marriage?

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conversations dating GFT RADIO SHOW Men opinions relationships thoughts women Youtube

Watch “Who’s Asking Who? Should women pop the question?” on YouTube

Thanks for all the calls and interesting perspectives. Wanna thank Michella Collins of Unforgettable Pleasures LLC for joining us!! Just wow, we should’ve made that a 2 hour show!

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High off Her

Akingstruth's Blog

No need to put you on a pedestal,

You were already on a higher level than what I was accustomed to,

Worthy of putting all my trust into,

Lusting over your intelligence turned into loving you,

Dreams started to fade until you came true,

A smile that gave peace to a man at war with himself,

To a destitute mind you brung wealth,

My love was in dire straits…The mirror showed mired traits…each day inching to a lonely fate until one day we were face to face…In a harsh world you are my saving grace…You are peace laced with ecstasy…A natural high…Living proof that a man can find truth when his past was a lie…So glad you arrived at this moment in time and may we have more moments and more moments and allow ecstasy to rewind…let’s leave a love that the world will cherish…let’s rise above all those whose…

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conversations GFT RADIO SHOW opinions Podcast thoughts Youtube

Stay Woke or…..Not?


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