“im a mother loving mirrorful” lupe fiasco


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Inspired by one of my blog buddies”Up4Dsn” I have a question to all my friends. How many of you actually look in the mirror and recognize your true reflection? Believe it or not this is one of the hardest things to do. To be completely honest with yourself about your flaws. It takes a special person to really dig deep and pick their self apart without getting depressed. In the bible when adam and eve realized they were naked they felt SHAME. Do you feel that same shame when you stare in the mirror and strip yourself. Not just taking your clothes off but stripping yourself of all the falsehoods that you use to keep your self esteem high. Are you really being the best friend, brother, parent, lover, or person you can be? Do you really like they way you look or carry yourself? What can you improve on?…

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