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Teamwork makes the dream work

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Team work makes the dream work. I was always an advocate for accomplishing your dreams with a great team. The hard part is finding the right teammates. You have to find people who are just as motivated as you. You all have to share the same goal! No one wins on their own. Build your team and build it right!

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Passion & Determination


On Falling Out Of Love

Unreservedly Me

2cbf1871a0d5d1345dc9941dc29ff9e7“Cuz when a woman’s fed up
(No matter how you beg, no)
It ain’t nothing you can do about it
(Nothing you can do about it)
It’s like running out of love
(No matter what you say, no)
And then it’s too late to talk about it
(Too late to talk about it)” ~ R. Kelly “When A Woman’s Fed Up

Most women love hard, we love so much so that when we know things are not good we hold on even tighter. Sometimes it takes a drastic thing to happen for us to finally be fed up and leave.

I remember talking to an ex trying to get some clarity as to why things ended the way they did. His answer was this, “I wasn’t ready for me. I felt I was holding you back, so I had to do what I had to, to let you…

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The Reaction: 2017 President

Podcast S/O: Inside Pop


Inside Pop takes a deep dive inside the week in Pop Culture. Each week the hosts, Amita Patel and Sean David Johnson, bring their knowledge of the entertainment industry along with their diverse viewpoints to cover the stories you need to know about and care about. The duo bring a welcome diversity (they are African American and Indian American; Male and Female, Gay and Straight, Married and Single) into the pop culture podcasting landscape.





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We discussed Queen Sugar, Moonlight and Mary J. Blige’s latest single- “Thick of It”