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Stagnation leads to death. When I look at our community I see stagnation. There is no progress in the inner city black community. I use the word community loosely because there isnt much togetherness either. This side against that side,  but no one is winning anything. Well, maybe the owners of the graveyards and wardens of the jail are but we aren’t. At one time black people were a movement, a force to be reckoned with. Now we are mostly portrayed as fools and killers. When did the value of life become so worthless to us that we celebrate the murderers, we glorify them. We cast away our younger generation as out of control deviants, thugs and hoes. It’s time to destroy and rebuild, and first we must destroy our mindstate. Bad isnt good. A “bad bitch” bows down to a “strong black woman”. There so much more our young…

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