Be Great

Be Great

Akingstruth's Blog

We are on a journey to greatness, through pain and against the faithless, time to lift up those who raised us, salute to those who praised us, power against those who cage us, let’s make our greatness contagious, we have the key to the home of the bravest, just because the land is free let’s not waste it, be clear this journey isn’t the safest, these words I need you to save them, in hard times I need your mind to replay them, be great king, be great queen, be great now why wait for the unseen, why dwell in the abyss of self doubt, self hate, the woulda, the shoulda, you coulda, but you can, why stay down when you have the ability to stand, so rise king, rise queen, you don’t have the right to feel worthless, those feelings are what lies bring, you are worth it, stop…

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