Guns!! Yes or No

Do you believe in arming yourself? What are your thoughts on guns? 

Trick or Treat

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Trick or treat, the monsters in my neighborhood always creep, their not coming for candy, they’ll tie up your family, different meaning to a costume party, no one’s festive and no one’s jolly, just messengers of terror and their message instills fear in ya, hunters become the hunted in this vaunted land of the haunted man, no love no peace in these scary streets just hate filled tricks and deadly treats.

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Motivational Monday Moment – 10/31/16

A Thomas Point of View

Continuing with last week’sMotivational Monday Moment about love, I want to talk about love of self. As I was sitting there watching this beautiful couple get married, I realized how much self-love matters. How can you find true happiness if you don’t love yourself first? How can anyone make you happy if you don’t love you?

So, my Motivational Monday Moment is about self-love. Self-love is described as

self-love (n)


Now, while the dictionary makes it sound like it may not be a good thing, let me tell you why I think it is advantageous for you to love yourself. Ready? Okay, who is going to love you more than you do on this Earth?


Stay with me for a minute okay?


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