What happened to “Education”?

Been talking about this for a long time.

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Learning is a constant process for all humans. He who ceases to learn will soon cease to exist. The educational system is lagging behind in today’s quick information age. Many of our schools are failing to prepare our youth for the real world. After reading Robert Kiyosaki’s books, “Why “A” students work for “C” Students” and “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, I agreed with his points, that our schools do not teach kids how to handle money, and that they we only train our kids to work but not how to create jobs. Education should have a fluidity to it so it can adapts to changing times. Education is about progress, and if we continue with the status quo, soon United States of America will not be a “Super Power”. We can not claim to be a world leader if we are intellectually inferior. Time to refocus and require a education…

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It’s just me again

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It’s just me again, no us no we just me again, hello hey there I told you we will meet again……in a place where we learn from mistakes that we repeat again, so it’s only right you just see me again, loved and lost by just being me so it’s just that it’s back to just being me again, somedays it sucks that it’s just me again but I don’t know how to be anybody else so I’m stuck with just being me again….

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