Do you look in the mirror and judge yourself correctly

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Fuck it foul language I love it I really don’t care who’s disgusted, the bullshit I try to rise above it but I’m trapped in it, when I think I walk out of it I walk right back in it, I feel like the beginning of my greatness has already ended, my gift from god rescinded, I didn’t do what was intended, too long I pretended, I was always a long shot but short winded, so since I’m gasping for air in the middle of this wartime everything is fair, a dirty soul that’s bare, nothing new under the sun but I’m rare, emotions with no care, how much I gotta share, am I the tortoise or the hare, I can’t even lie I miss the inhale, it made me feel like I was living in heaven when I was in hell, even when I didn’t give a fuck I…

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