Are You Registered to Vote?

Are you registered to vote? If not, do you know where to go to vote? Not sure if you’re already registered, or need to update your information? In most states, you must register before you can vote. The link below will assist you, in EVERY STATE, with where to go to register  and how to do so. The Electoral System we have will never change if you don’t speak out. Voting is your RIGHT!! VOTE! #ExerciseYourRight

Check out:

“One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors” – Plato

By Kenya609

In short, and currently, I am a law student studying Government and Corporate Contracts; a proud supporter and activist in/for my hometown of Trenton, NJ and an unapologetic realist when it come to my personal growth, in all areas.

I have earned many collegiate awards and mentions for my attention to, and debate of, current events, historical teachings and community bridging support. I'm just here to continue to learn, have a good time and continue to teach where I can.

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