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Hey guys… just checking in to see have we talked about a subject that you wanted us to? I know as host we have to keep ideas fresh and we want to engage the audience more about talking about topics that you want us to. So drop us a line of a topic you want us to address.

Thanks in advance.

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Trending Topics in Social Media: Let’s Rap A Taste

What’s your take on Teachers/Officers Disciplining Children In School? Acceptable? No?
Any thoughts on President Obama’s visit to Cuba? Was it productive? We’re discussing Trending Topics!
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Co-Parenting & the Role of Step-Parents/Partners

Join us as we discuss the roles of step-parents/partners as it relates to how to address their partners’ children OR if they should be doing it at all. Among the topics to be discussed are what’s acceptable/unacceptable in respected roles, blended families, co-parenting after bitter break-ups and financial responsibility.

Have something to add? Call in and give your take on the topic at (657) 383-1155. Phone lines will be open from 10:15 PM -11:30 PM (EST). Catch our previous shows at





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Make sure you guys tune in every Thursday at 10p.m. to

Tomorrow night we have a great show lined up. We will be talking about parenting and the roles of step parents when the real parent is present and involved.

Trust, it will get real interesting, fun, and controversial. Don’t miss out.

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Live in the Moment

Akingstruth's Blog

You can’t allow the moment to pass,

This moment can be your last,

Decisions are rash and can cause you to crash,

No risk no reward I say,

No worries, to the Lord I pray,

Knocking on the Devil’s door with a sword to slay,

If it’s time to meet my maker I have to appreciate life and fight with every breath before I see my creator

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ICYMI, on our last show we talked about Health Awareness: Dealing with Autoimmune  Diseases. In this podcast I talked about my personal bout with Sarcoidosis. We touched on plenty of topics. The goal is to raise awareness and make sure people take their health seriously.

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Health Awareness: Sarcoidosis


What is Sarcoidosis?

Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease that can affect almost any organ in the body. It causes a person’s immune system, which normally protects the body from infection and disease, overreacts, resulting in damage to the body’s own tissues. The common feature of sarcoidosis is the formation of granulomas, microscopic clumps of inflammatory cells that group together (that look like granules, which is where it gets its name). When too many of these clumps form in an organ they can interfere with how that organ functions.

In the US, sarcoidosis most commonly targets the lungs and lymph nodes, but the disease can and usually does affect others organs, too, including (but not limited to) the skin, eyes, liver, salivary glands, sinuses, kidneys, heart, the muscles and bones, and the brain and nervous system.

What Are the Symptoms of Sarcoidosis?

(via WebMD)

The symptoms of sarcoidosis can vary greatly, depending on which organs are involved. Most patients initially complain of a persistent dry cough, fatigue, and shortness of breath. Other symptoms may include:

  • Tender reddish bumps or patches on the skin.
  • Red and teary eyes or blurred vision.
  • Swollen and painful joints.
  • Enlarged and tender lymph glands in the neck, armpits, and groin.
  • Enlarged lymph glands in the chest and around the lungs.
  • Hoarse voice.
  • Pain in the hands, feet, or other bony areas due to the formation of cysts (an abnormal sac-like growth) in bones.
  • Kidney stone formation.
  • Enlarged liver.
  • Development of abnormal or missed heart beats (arrhythmias), inflammation of the covering of the heart (pericarditis), or heart failure.
  • Nervous system effects, including hearing loss, meningitis, seizures, or psychiatric disorders (for example, dementia, depression, psychosis).


For more information on Sarcoidosis check out: