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After Christmas Show


So we snuck a show in the mix, because we really wanted to talk about Christmas. We know that not everyone celebrates its and we wanted to open a platform where it could be discussed.

We hope you guys enjoy the show and feel free to share your thoughts. The plan behind this was/is to open up a mature discussion.



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Part 2: Men Speak vs Women Speak

Ok Ladies, we’re up! ! Many of you tuned in/called in to speak with the fellas about their views on the topic of relationships and now WE, get to respond and address how we view Men, on the same topic. HOWEVER, we’re going to go a little deeper and turn it up, JUST a tad.

December 17, 2015 @ 10 PM is Part 2, of this two part series on modern day relationships. Call in and join us as we discuss conversational styles, listening vs solving, gender roles, and so much more! Now there will be plenty of MEN listening (and maybe learning) as well as other women, who may share your experience and can “help a sista out” so be sure to CALL IN!!!!!!!! 

Lastly, for the first time ever, we will have an “After Show”. Yup! The after show will be at 11 PM where we will invite the fellas back for a joint discussion on the Men Speak vs Women Speak Series! You don’t want to miss this! The number to call in is, (657) 383-1155.


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You Talked, We Listened!

Good Morning, everyone!! We want to again thank our listeners/callers for supporting us, being patient with our growth and encouraging us with Grown Folk Talk (GFT) Radio. Your feedback has been greatly appreciated and well received. In fact, we’ve decided to make a few changes, going into the new year, which will affect tomorrow’s show.

Beginning Thursday, December 17, 2015, our new show time will be at 10 PM! Also, you wanted more time to speak, YOU GOT IT! We have increased our airtime  to, up to 2 hours (you’d be surprised how fast this time goes by). While we are still working out the specifics, we continue to ask for your patience and support as there will be plenty more exciting news to be shared, at a later date. Stay tuned…..



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Men Speak vs Women Speak: Men

Check out last week’s show!! It was a great show done by Jro & Clint!! Be sure to tune in one Dec. 17th as Kenya & myself take over and speak for the ladies!!


Tell us what you think of this show below!! We would love to hear from you!

**I’d also like to thank my team for being supportive during this time!!**

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Series: Man Speak Vs. Woman Speak

Many arguments between partners/couples stem from simple misunderstandings based on different communication styles. For example, women often want to vent, and a man will often misinterpret this by thinking he’s meant to find a solution. Likewise, women sometimes misinterpret what it means when a man says nothing at all. Often, men need to work through a problem in silence, and women can misread his actions to mean he simply does not want to talk to her.

Join us, December 3, 2015 @ 11 PM in this two-part series on modern day relationships, as we discuss communication, gender roles, co-parenting and much more. During our December 3, 2015 show, (at 11 PM), the men will be giving their views while the women will be responding on our December 17th show (that’s right fellas, you won’t have to complain about not being interrupted or not being heard!) Call in and join us, on the conversation, at (657) 383-1155.mvsw