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How would you react if you found out your love interest was HIV positive?

If you were in a relationship for sometime and you found out your partner was HIV positive how would you react?

If you are about to have sex with someone, and they told you they were HIV positive, BUT the virus is undetected would you still have protected sex with them?



New Host Alert!



Most of you guys have been hearing her voice since she called into one of our shows. After a talk between the other co-hosts we knew we wanted her on our team! She has done so much so far for the show and we have to give her, her official s/o on the this blog! We are very glad to have her on the team. We know you guys will enjoy her as well!

So now we have 2 females and 2 males!! We look forward to growing the show with all of us!! Thanks Kenya for joining the team.

P.S. We may create a petition to get Kenya on Twitter!! LOL She is gonna kill me when she sees this!! Also you may hear us call her Redd (Double D), and her them call me Red (Sunny). I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this young woman since middle school, so you know!

Birthdays · Veterans Day

2 Veterans, 1 Birthday

It’s Veterans Day!!! We have 2 Army Vets that are host!! Who you ask?


So we’d like to take the time out to say thank you for serving your country and we appreciate you!! Also, to all the men and women who served our country, THANK YOU!!

We can’t let this day go by without sending BDAY love to this guy!

Rock The Vote

Republican Debabte Tonight


Moderators for tonight’s debate are: Maria Bartiromo, Neil Cavuto and Gerar Baker.


Date: Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Time:  Undercard Debate 7 p.m. (6pm CT, 4 pm PT)

Main Debate 9 p.m. (8pm CT, 6 pm PT)

Location: Milwaukee Theatre, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Candidates: Trump, Carson, Rubio, Bush, Fiorina, Paul, Kasich and Cruz. (9 pm)

Undercard Candidates: Huckabee, Santorm, Jindal and Christie (7 pm)

Channel:  Fox Business Network (Channel Finder)

Live Stream Online Fox Business

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Listener’s Choice


Grown Folk Talk Radio
Grown Folk Talk Radio

Our next show we would like You the listener’s to pick our show topic!! Yes, we want to know what do you want us to talk about!?

Our last couple of shows have been intense and informative and we greatly appreciate you guys tuning in!

Topic suggestions can be placed in the comment section, you can email us:

Also post your topic idea on the FB Page

Our next show will be live, November 19, 2015 @11pm (est). Hope to hear from you soon!! 


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2016 Presidential Debate The Top Primary Candidates


Introduction of Democratic Presidential Primaries (4)

  • Hillary Clinton– former Secretary of State; wife of former President, Bill Clinton (finance reform; criminal justice reform; disability rights; college tuition; rural community issues; national security; LGBT equality; gun violence prevention; immigration reform)
  • Bernie Saunders– U.S. Senator, Former Mayor of Burlington, Vermont (income and wealth inequality; free college tuition; getting millionaires out of politics; creating decent paying jobs)
  • Martin O’Malley- Both a former Mayor of Baltimore, MD and Governor of the State of Maryland (free trade agreements for fair competition; financial reform; clean energy; gun reform; expand social security; criminal justice reform; debt free college; immigration reform
  • Lawrence Lessig– Harvard Law School Professor (wants to reduce the influence of money in politics with producing reforms that will have Congress listen to voters instead of funders; only candidate that is not a politician)

Due to the Republican Candidates List being so long, we were able to outline like we did with the Democratic Party… but in the above video we talk about the top four as it stood in the polling (eff. 11/5/15).

Introduction of Republican Presidential Primaries (15)

  • Jeb Bush– Former Governor of Florida
  • Ben Carson– Former Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Chris Christie– Current Governor of NJ
  • Ted Cruz– Current Texas U.S. Senator
  • Carly Fiorina– CEO of Hewlett-Packard
  • Jim Gilmore– Former Governor of Virginia, 2008 Presidential Candidate
  • Lindsey Graham– Current South Carolina U.S. Senator
  • Mike Huckabee– Former Governor of Arkansas, 2008 Presidential Candidate and Lt. Governor of Arkansas
  • Bobby Jindal– Current Governor of Louisiana
  • John Kasich– Current Governor of Ohio
  • George Pataki– Former Governor of NY, NY Senator and Mayor of Peekskill, NY
  • Rand Paul– Current Kentucky U.S. Senator
  • Marco Rubio– Current Florida U.S. Senator
  • Rick Santorum- Former U.S. Senator and 2002 Presidential Candidate
  • Donald Trump– CEO of The Trump Organization

Click here for the Democratic Debate Schedule

Click here for the Republican Debate Schedule

** Also next show broadcasting live is on Nov. 19th. We are asking the listeners to pick the top! You can comment below, email us: or hit up us on our FB Page!! Can’t wait to here your ideas!! **