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JRo Mr.7thFam
JRo Mr.7thFam



So JR609 and I have decided we are doing shows every other Thursday!! So if you have been following you can catch our show this Thursday!! We are working on a topic… if you have a topic you want us to touch base on feel free to drop it in the comment section!! Also feel free to call in the show. Find the number in the top left hand corner of the blog!! Don’t worry we will remind you again before we do the show!!

Also we are looking for 2 more co-host a male and a female. If interested email us @:







Teen Pregnancy The Podcast


Hope you guys enjoy and comment below!

Tune In Tonight!



Tonight it goes down at @11 pm (est) We talk Teenage Pregnancy and Birth Control methods!! Parent call in!!

Number is (657) 383-1155!! Don’t be shy!!!

Wanna thank my homie WillieStylez for agreeing to be apart of this and even though we only have a half hour, we are more than open to do a series if need be…

Also check out his blog by clicking here


Teen Pregnancy: Birth Control?


Guest Host Willie Stylez… Well be the male voice since my CoHost JRo will be busy….hopefully he will be able to call in and join in!!

We would like to touch base on teenage pregnancy. Its becoming a normal situation but we wanna talk prevention method parents can do to help their children not become a statistic.

Questions: At what age would you introduce birth control to your teenage daughter? Would or wouldn’t you introduce birth control to your teenager? Why or Why not?

Chime in on Thrusday @11 p.m (eastern time)! Call in (657) 383-1155

We Are On Youtube Too

Hey guys if you don’t want to tune in when we have a show, you can always catch it on our YouTube channel! So feel free to listen and comment below here or on YouTube. Thanks in advance and again we are working on a schedule for the shows. We are gonna try 2 nights a week at 11:30 pm…

Updates will follow soon….